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Millsap Elementary School Sponsors PTSD Service Dog

The staff, parents, and AWESOME kids at Millsap Elementary School (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) have stepped up to help fight the 22 suicides a DAY stemming from combat-related PTSD, and have sponsored our next service-dog-in-training!

The dog will be named ‘Millsap’ in honor of their dedication.  In addition, expect to see updates about the following:

*Service Dog Millsap will get his own blog here on the DAWG Foundation site, so everyone can keep up to date on his training.

*Millsap will make periodic visits to the school, not only to visit his sponsors, but also to help train him for public access situations and crowd interaction.  This is an INTEGRAL part of a service dog’s training and conditioning.

*Operation: Millsap donation page will be posted.  This will allow anyone to stop by this website and donate directly to Millsap’s campaign!

*Graduation: When it comes time for Millsap to graduate training, we will hold a special ceremony at the school to celebrate!

Check back frequently for more information on MILLSAP, and the great work being done for combat veterans battling PTSD!


1st Annual DAWG Day Special Event: NADD Dock Diving!

North America Diving Dogs (NADD) will be hosting a 2-day DOCK DIVING TRIAL in Houston, TX on 8-9 November, 2014!


DAWG Foundation is excited to announce that the North America Diving Dogs (NADD) has decided to hold a Dock Diving Trial during the 1st Annual DAWG Day event on 8 NOV 14, continuing on after the festival on 9 NOV 14, as well!

This is a NADD-AKC event where titles can be earned!

Pre-register at the NADD website (click this link)

Check-in/registration on site @ 8-9am on 8 + 9 NOV 14

The Dock Diving trials will consist of 4 waves of trails per day:

1st at 9:00am

2nd at 11:00am

3rd at 1:00pm

4th at 3:00pm
The 4th wave will ALSO have an AIR RETRIEVE portion!

Please note: To participate, dogs do NOT have to be AKC registered!  If you would like to bring your dog and participate in the fun of having them jump into a 27,000 gallon swimming pool, COME ON OUT!  No previous experience necessary!

If you are a military veteran, and you bring your dog out to join in the fun, the DAWG Foundation will be giving away a DAWG FOUNDATION CHOICE trophy to a lucky dog!  Again, no previous experience necessary!

Please visit the NADD website for further details.


DAWG Foundation Remembers Cpl Nathan Cirillo

The staff and volunteers of the DAWG Foundation would like to offer our sincerest condolences and prayers for Cpl Nathan Cirillo’s family, friends, and canine buddies.

Cpl Cirillo was a true hero, and a testament to the courage of the Canadian people.  Gunned down by a coward, he was taken from this world way too soon.

A dedicated patriot and a true dog lover, Cpl Cirillo was a man after our own heart.  Strong and caring, he was a true asset to this darkening world that we live in.

Below are links to information concerning Cpl Cirillo, his life, and untimely death.  We ask that all of our supporters say a special prayer for him and his family tonight, and remember this fallen hero with respect.

This photo was snapped moments before Cpl Cirillo’s tragic death



CBC: MPs Honor Fallen Hero

Global News: Nathan Cirillo, Hero and Dog Rescuer

HuffPo: Photo Snapped Moments Before Tragedy