Out and About: DAWG Foundation Visits Vegas, Colorado, California

(((Pictures coming soon!)))


Just wanted to update everyone on our current activities.  July was a VERY busy month for the Foundation, with the team visiting other states for various projects/reasons:

Pat, Pennie, and Spence attended Super Zoo, a large (18,000+ attendees) pet services trade show/convention in Las Vegas.  Even though there weren’t there specifically for the DAWG Foundation, they did find numerous opportunities to talk with pet services industry leaders (food manufacturers, training equipment designers, etc) and make some fantastic contacts/spread the word about the great work Houston is doing for our veterans with PTSD!  We should see some great partnerships develop from these networking opportunities.


Jeremy is currently out in California attending a conference hosted by Mighty Oaks, a faith-based charity that provides needed services for veterans in California.  Mighty Oaks has been a fantastic partner for the DAWG Foundation, providing much-needed guidance and advice.  Jeremy is out there to learn techniques to better assist with our veterans, and we’re excited to see what he comes back to teach us!!!



Pennie Mahon, our lead trainer, was in Colorado this past week competing with her champion dog, Psych, in various pro Frisbee events.  While out there, Pennie & Pat will be holding meetings with a dedicated partner who wishes to help us with finding suitable dogs for our service dog training program.  Fingers crossed!



Meanwhile, back here in Houston we are continuing our normal routine; Nichole, one of our trainers, is working with 2 of our dogs that are wrapping up their training and preparing for placement.  We’re also gearing up for the 2nd Annual DAWG Day, which will be sometime in October/November.

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