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There are studies that show upwards of 22 US military veterans commit suicide every day.  A large contributor to the emotional destabilization and maladjustment to civilian life stems from living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  PTSD effects every facet of  life; social, physical, mental, spiritual.  While the wounds may not be physical, the scars that develop from this condition run deep, and are reluctant to fade on their own.

The DAWG Foundation was formed with the mission of providing a companion canines for US military veterans (and select First Responders) battling PTSD.  The companion canine will be well trained by DAWG Foundation-approved trainers, and will provide everything from simple companionship and emotional support to limited mobility/distress assistance (an example of this would be when the veteran is in a crowded venue, and begins to feel overwhelmed.  The companion canine can recognize the stress, and either enter into a comfort mode ‘leg hug’, or begin to lead the veteran towards the nearest exit to open, fresh air).  The veterans will also require specialized vetting and training, to verify suitability for the program.

Companion/service dogs require care, just like any other member of the family, and the veteran will need to provide that.  That is why part of our mission is to adequately provide post-training counseling and inspections on the veteran/companion team.  Once the training is done, we do NOT ‘fire and forget’.  The Foundation will always be there to support our teams.

At this time, the Foundation’s mission is to provide services for all qualified veterans that we are able to pair and fund within the greater Houston area.  The geographical restriction is temporary; we currently do not have the resources to provide outside the geographical area at this time.  As our support base grows, so will our ability to help others.

Thank you for your continued support!

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