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DAWG Foundation Remembers Cpl Nathan Cirillo

The staff and volunteers of the DAWG Foundation would like to offer our sincerest condolences and prayers for Cpl Nathan Cirillo’s family, friends, and canine buddies.

Cpl Cirillo was a true hero, and a testament to the courage of the Canadian people.  Gunned down by a coward, he was taken from this world way too soon.

A dedicated patriot and a true dog lover, Cpl Cirillo was a man after our own heart.  Strong and caring, he was a true asset to this darkening world that we live in.

Below are links to information concerning Cpl Cirillo, his life, and untimely death.  We ask that all of our supporters say a special prayer for him and his family tonight, and remember this fallen hero with respect.

This photo was snapped moments before Cpl Cirillo’s tragic death



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